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Media accreditation is open for CEV EuroBeachVolley 2020 - scheduled for September 15-20, 2020 at Majori Beach, Jūrmala (Latvia).   All of those interested in attending should first apply for a membership to the CEV Media Club - if they have not already done so - and afterwards an accreditation for the event itself.

As per national regulations, any international media may need to quarantine on arrival in Latvia, depending on the status of their originating country.  A link to the latest version of this list (updated every Friday) can be found below.

Should you have any questions please contact 

Latest Country Status list

Whilst final plans are still being set, it is our wish and intention to be able to welcome both international and national media to the event.  The CEV and LOC are working closely together to minimise as much risk as possible relating to the global pandemic and will be providing clear guidelines to those able to attend prior to them commencing their travel.

Please note that under the current circumstances, an accreditation may have to be revoked at any moment even after its approval due to potential restrictions introduced by the national authorities.

After the deadline has passed, any further application will be reviewed on a case by case basis and according to the latest updates on travel restrictions as well as to the number of media allowed to attend the event on site.

Registration is closed. For any further inquiry please email

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