Moscow, Russia

The venue for the EuroBeachVolley 2019 will be developed in one of the largest and most prestigious sport complexes in Russia and worldwide, the Luzhniki Complex.

Luzhniki is the major sporting hub of the Russian cosmopolitan city, hosting daily more than 10,000 people who visit the Luzhniki sports facilities or do sports in the open air daily. Located only a couple of minutes away from metro and Moscow central ring, the venue is easily accessible and aims to provide a range of side events and facilities to the spectators.

The Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation

In the period from August 5 to 11, 2019 Moscow will turn into the European capital of Beach Volleyball. The main event of 2019 season, the European Championship, will be held in the picturesque place, on the bank of the Moskva river on the territory of the Luzhniki multisport venue.

The Luzhniki is one of the major sports complexes of Russia and the entire world. It's located on the territory of more than 150 hectares. Since the moment of its opening in 1956 the Luzhniki has served as the main sports venue in Russia for hosting sports competitions, as well as the recreation and entertainment zone for thousands of Muscovites and guests of the capital.

During its history of more than 60 years, the Luzhniki has become the host of many major sports and cultural events of the world level: the Olympic Games 1980, the World Festival of Youth and Students, the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in 2013, the FIFA World Cup in 2018; the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and many other stars gave their concerts and shows on the stage of the complex. More than 100,000 different events have been held in the Luzhniki with more than 360 million people visiting them. More than 60 world records have been set here, and more than 50,000 goals were scored in official football and ice hockey games on the fields of the stadium.

It should be noticed that in 2005, Moscow and its Luzhniki sports complex successfully hosted the EuroBeachVolley. And in 2009 the similar tournament was organised in Sochi, the Olympic capital of Russia.

Ten years later in 2019 the top athletes of the continent will come to Russia again to prove the high level of their skills at the main European Championship. 32 men's and 32 women's teams will fight for the prestigious European trophy in the conditions of the toughest competition.

“Hosting the 2019 Beach Volleyball European Championship is a great opportunity for Russian sports. Beach Volleyball is developing very fast in Russia and raising the interest of spectators and fans alike. I want to express our gratitude to the European Volleyball Confederation for their trust. I am confident that the tournament will be held at a very high level with tremendous support from the audience.”

Stanislav Shevchenko
President of the Russian Volleyball Federation

The Bolshoi Theatre

The Red Square

Tretyakov Gallery

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Moscow was also the host of the 2017 European Volleyball Gala, when Russian Volleyball legend Maxim Mikhaylov showed us around the famous Red Square.

The Red Square, with Maxim Mikhailov