Setting the Scene

Jūrmala is a romantic oasis and the largest resort town on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Located only twenty kilometres from Riga, the capital of Latvia, Jūrmala thrives on a peninsula covered with pine trees and mineral springs between the river Lielupe and the sea.

A deep breath is the mantra of Jūrmala: the ionised seaside air, essential oils of the forest and the flow of the river act soothingly and give strength letting the mind generate brilliant ideas. 

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Dare to discover your own moment in Jūrmala- a seaside pearl, where you can find peace, inspiration or confess love.

The presence of the wooden architecture and culture along with silky white beaches and fabulous swamp paths make the town a unique European destination in every season and at every hour of the day.

“This will be another great opportunity to make Latvia’s name resound across the world. We have repeatedly proven our ability to host top-level tournaments, and we are ready to do it again, even though there are and there will be many challenges."

Janis Buks
President of the Latvian Volleyball Federation (LVF)